Must Watch: Asking Vaccinated People Why They Still Wear a Mask Outside…

Must Watch: Asking Vaccinated People Why They Still Wear a Mask Outside...
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Ben Shapiro – REACTION: Asking Vaccinated People Why They’re Still Wearing A Mask Outside

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They aren’t stupid, they simply don’t like 99.99% odds of not dying from the virus now that they are vaccinated

This pandemic has really illustrated just how easy it is to brain wash people. There is very little critical thinking.

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Its harder to identify me when I loot.

Briben biden

that is about it.

The democrats / liberals have really screw up the country.

Seattle smells so bad it is disgusting on a cold wet day. they have homeless drug addicts peeing and schiff-ing all over the place. This weekend it is going to be 101 degrees Seattle will probably be blowing out Vancouver Canada with our stench. We will probably be sued over it.

Seattle is a great example of how wonderful liberal / democrat policies work. Well it does create a reason to actually wear a mask or respirator.

Briben biden

It really does demonstrate just how illiterate and lacking in cognitive skills liberals are. they will literally fall for anything that team D says.

Hey democrats / liberals! biden says to save the planet you have to drink a gallon of alcohol, smoke a bunch of pot then slit your wrists. Look it up he really said it.


Yeah, I saw that too! Do it today libtards!


Briben Biden
I didn’t know it was that bad. No wonder so many are moving here in Alabama. Home prices soaring. I get a kick out them asking if we really talk like that. Of course we really put on the Colloquial phrases then!

Grumpy Veteran

Those empty heads would stick their head into a bucket of horse manure if a democrat said they had to!


They are sheep. Followers.