Must See: White Women are Just as Bad as White Men…

Must See: White Women are Just as Bad as White Men...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – In liberal minds: White women are as bad as white men.

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Don’t worry, everyone wants to get in front of you at the buffet before nothing is left

This is exactly why some people should not have kids

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That’s what happens when liberals eat too much wild feces.


Liberals don’t eat feces… that would make them cannibals…

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Ken Chambers

There is nothing that will make you puke quicker than a fat moron with an IQ of 30 who gets her ugly face in front of a camera and pretends she has a brain.

Ginny Rocco

what is this women talking about. What an idiot.

Stacy Dougherty

Depends on what bad the lib-turds means? Yes I’m bad so bad its good when it come to defending God Country & the US Constitution!! I can even be bad er than a white man! lol common ya want to challenge me? However, this gal wants to talk to people who have brain cells left in their head….oh well I guess I will not be talking to Liberals whose brains are leaking out who would even say such a comment.