Must See: United Airlines CEO Just Threatened Employees…

Must See: United Airlines CEO Just Threatened Employees...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network РJohnny Salvatore from Trending Politics reports, There’s a new Grinch this holiday season! This week, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby went on the record threatening employees to get the jab or get canned.

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Pilots, stewardesses, and other staff should walk out. Teach this CEO who is the boss.

Woke CEO’s aren’t going to help push this propaganda. If they’d stop talking about it, then it would end


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So, a CEO who faces major backlash and possible corporate consequences from customers if even one gets sick as a result of exposure from an employee, should ignore the accelerating number of infections of a virus variant known now to be airborne (i.e., exceptionally contagious) and potentially deadly in favor of a woke-shamer who presents no credible evidence to the contrary? Of course!
If it is your aim to shut down an airline, ensure that its employees have every opportunity to infect customers even though the alternative (vaccination), imperfect as it may be, is by *all* object measures MUCH less problematic than the virus it targets. Come out of the woods and think about where you’re getting your information. Taking medical advice from some uneducated, probably diabetic, redneck on YouTube is bound to lead to problems.


See my response to Paula below.

Floyd C Jaggers

read the latest in the Real Anthony Fauci. Help yourself. You’re welcome.


I think the CEO was correct. I won’t fly on an airlines that does not insist all employees are vaccinated.


It’s against FAA regulations to force employees of airlines to take non FDA approved experimental injections into their bodies. The current coronvirus ‘vaccines’ on the market today are all experimental. The one that was approved won’t be available for several more years. A number of pilots have died from these injections, including one mid flight, forcing the co-pilot to take over.


Walk out! Let the empty planes sit! See if he gets fired!