Must See: Tucker Carlson Obliterates Hillary Clinton…

Must See: Tucker Carlson Obliterates Hillary Clinton...
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il Donaldo Trumpo Tucker Carlson GOES OFF on the possibility of a Hillary Clinton 2024 presidential run.

Top Comments:

I was really hoping that the Durham investigation would have enough evidence (and it still might) to charge Hillary Clinton with being the person responsible for creating this massive Russian hoax lie. I’d also like to see a court make her reimburse the government for all the investigations – including the Mueller investigation that happened because of her lies. I’m sure she can take money out of the Clinton (slush fund) Foundation that she received while being secretary of state. She’s a liar and a crook. You want criminal justice reform? How about start by holding the rich and powerful to the same standards as the rest of us?

HRC lost last time because most women cannot stand the sight or sound of her and WE ain’t noways too tired to beat her again.πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

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