Must See: Trump Was Right About Clinton and Russia…

Must See Trump Was Right About Clinton and Russia...
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Russell Brand – More revelations this week that the Russiagate ‘scandal’ looks to have been created by the Hillary Clinton campaign

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They dont want people thinking for themselves Russell! It’s easier to control a population if you turn them into useful idiots.

The problem with believing a lie today is that most people, even when presented with the truth won’t disregard the lie and that’s how we get to places like where we are! Thank you sir for all of your great work and for following the truth regardless of where it leads you! We need more like you!

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So now after almost 5 years with over a 2 year investigation that cost the tax payers 40 plus million dollars. 2 completely fake ass impeachments no telling the cost on that. they finally figure out what we knew all a long.. Ain’t that funny how they do that. But here is the sick part of it. Not a thing will be done about it. Clinton will walk. Republicans will do nothing about it period.We need a party who will fight for the American people. The republican/conservative party are useless bunch of cowards.That’s it.God has turned his back on this country and who can blame him.No wonder every country that has any pride now hates us.All the people they are letting in from third world countries 98% doesn’t have the education to even wash dishes much less hold a job. Only thing the democrats are doing is looking for slaves again and they are coming by the thousands across the boarder. If the terrorist don’t take over.