Must See: Trump Officially Puts Obama to Shame…

Watch: Trump Officially Puts Obama to Shame...

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– Cristina Laila from the Gateway Pundit reports, The National Portrait Gallery installed a photo of President Trump in the Oval Office sitting at the Resolute Desk in the popular America’s Presidents exhibition.

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Anyone with A functioning brain cell knows obama was one of worst….

Obama’s picture definitely shows he lead from behind. That’s him hiding in the bushes!

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Good for Trump. obummer was a commie.


Any American is aware that Obama was the biggest mistake of America History. His Alinsky vision of our country contributed to the changes on our culture and way of life during his Era 2008-2016. We are still living under the consequences of his shadow strings on Biden political executive orders. Under Obama/Kamala globalist power, America has signed her death sentence. God bless America.


I WAS a republican my whole life, I even worked for 2of our Federal senators in their Field offices. I am so ashamed of the republican party now with their childish ways. I have left the party and I won’t come back until they start doing things for the people instead of the party. Trump was a disgrace not only to the republican party but also the country. Will be blocking all from this web site so I won’t be able to read any of the responses from the uneducated, brain dead followers.

Willa Luthi

What people must do to butter up the opposite side.


Obozo put himself to shame every time he opened his big mouth. He was after all nothing but an EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN.

Stacy Dougherty

Obama: every time he talked was always Marginalizing (talking down) to “We the People” who paid for him to be in that office and I say “paid” in more ways than just money! Obama was a disconnect to the US people except Hollywood! Obama was the first “FAKE” President with no real credentials and Biden is the first “UNELECTED” President. We must restore the integrity of QUAILIFICATIONS AND VOTING SYTEMS TO THE OFFICE OF THE US PRESIDENTCY !