Must See: Trump Gives Mitch McConnell a Brutal Reality Check

Trump Reacts to Biden's 'Jobs Plan' and Gives a Brutal Reality Check

On Monday, former President Donald Trump gave Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell a brutal reality check.

During an interview, Trump called on his fellow Republicans to find better leadership: “I think we need better leadership than Mitch McConnell and stronger leadership. I mean, he can’t reign in his own people.”

As we know, the Democrats are preparing to end the filibuster rule, which requires 60 votes in the Senate to move forward on legislation.

Because of this, Trump said he believes that McConnell is “hanging by a thread right now.”

“At one point, we had the House, we had the Senate, we had you in the White House—why didn’t we rein in big tech when we had that chance?” asked Lisa Boothe.

Trump continued, revealing that he had urged McConnell to get rid of the filibuster while he was President. In response, McConnell had said, “They’ll never knock it out; it’ll never happen. They’ll never do it; they don’t want to do it.”

Now, Trump added, “If they get the filibuster—if they knock it out, it will be catastrophic for the Republican Party.”

He added that at this point, the one thing the Republicans can do is to not show up. If they don’t show, there will be no vote. 

“They cannot allow this to happen,” Trump emphasized. “They’re going to attack the Second Amendment violently, which I’ve told everybody they’re going to attack. They’re going to attack the Supreme Court.”

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They need to shut the senate down till the Dems decide to listen to all the people not just the radical left. The only other thing we can do is revolt. If you watched the video by the head of the Robert’s family he said we have a larger army than three other countries comboned made up of Patriots who hunt. He had the numbers &it is out standing. Its time to fight back folks.

Michael Valgos

The problem with Mitch is he was told not to clog up the trough Say he sat on his decision There were many things that should have been pushed forward however Mitch was supposed to be taking care of business The partisan politics is for money only The rest the good old boys fight like children in the street and specifically the demwits Some of them have been since mankind began I think It is far past time for us to vote for term limits There is no reason for taxpayers to pay for retirement This is a part time job It is an honor to serve and not an ATM that comes from tax dollars If you did investigations on all of them I quite sure there would be people going to jail Right now Omar came into this country illegally Being married to your brother is fraud and perfect grounds for her to be expelled and sent back to her beautiful native country It is time we clean house We have these laws to protect us We have a congress that wants to take rights away from our citizens but they are breaking the law by allowing our immigration laws to be in effect If anything is done by any of these illegals then I would sue the government as well as Biden and Harris for her GAF attitude