Must See: Think the World Is Run by Psychopaths?

Must See: Think the World Is Run by Psychopaths?
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Russell Brand – “Corporations are psychopaths” and economic globalisation has forced people into a desperate tribalism, spawning political movements like Trumpism. How do we challenge power if protesting isn’t enough?!

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I have been trying to say exactly this for years. I have tried so many times to seriously explain that success at the enterprise corp level requires clinical psychopaths on the board or at the helm and that psychopaths are drawn to it. I actually extend this to all forms of elite success and drive, even trivial things like sports. If you work hard enough to be the best in the world at something then you have made unhealthy sacrifices to essential things like love, healthy family etc in similar way that any addict does. Also similar to a drug addict the super driven and successful in any given thing have pursued their path often as a defense or coping mechanism. The difference, which ironically feeds Into megalomania and psychopathy, is that society itself admires and props up the traits and qualities that these Uber driven successful ppl are addicted to and feed their ego and that makes up for their insecurities via the power it gives them etc. anyway, I wish I wrote that book, maybe I wouldn’t be broke lol

I lost him at “xenophobia and racism that led us into trumpism”… I’m not a die hard Trump supporter, I’m a centerist. I am observant and intelligent enough to not have been able to find all that “xenophobia and racism” the media kept screaming about… I do agree with what he’s saying about corporations and government. But I lost the desire to even listen to him after he said that…


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