Must See: The Narrative is Crumbling!!!

Must See: The Narrative is Crumbling!!!
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Russell Brand – As Australian police arrest middle aged women for allegedly nor showing their vaccine passports, its politicians are considering charging the unvaccinated for healthcare.

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Thank you Russell for sharing what happened at my cafe. The lady asked me to film it as we were unable to fathom why she was being arrested and we needed to show the world what is happening here. She was fined $1300 and charged with failing to provide her name and address (yep, she offers it three times in the video) and obstructing a police officers ability to perform their duties! What duties? Arresting an innocent woman? It was literally 55 seconds from the time the five police saw her still standing there, to when they walked 10 seconds towards her and performed their thorough investigation and dragged her back up to the paddy wagon. Australia has gone mad. Thanks again for covering it.

I’m sacked Paramedic and my wife is a sacked Physiotherapist in Australia. Thanks Russell for sharing this. We are seriously in a lot of trouble over here. Our Government and our buerocrats have completely lost the plot! I am embarrassed also ashamed to be an Australian. At least I can tell my grandchildren one day I and my wife stood up. We are fighting back. But most Australians are asleep.


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I find it strange that they aren’t treating criminals this way. What they are really doing is laying the groundwork for an all out civil war against the people and the government. Australians are fighting people just like Americans. They certainly know how to vote next time around.

AJ nappi

Communism has reached Australia. So you accept the tyranny supported by the police that are sworn to protect you from criminals. And no one demanded to know why the arrest of this woman. When you start killing these thugs they will stop the tyranny and be afraid to violate your rights. It takes extreme action to get the point aross. Just time until war breaks out. Russia will invade the Ukraine. China will invade Tiawan!
Then the rest of the world will either defend these countries or accept the new world rules established by world tyrants. When you trust your government 100% that is when you lose your rights. Always ask why the change in rules! Death comes to us all eventually but decide to go on your on terms. This stops tyranny!!

AJ nappi

Laws don’t stop criminals and tyrants. Votes don’t change dictators and politicians. You deal with tyrants the same way they treat you. Otherwise, you become a slave. Death to all tyrants!!!!!