Must See: The DOJ’s New WOKE Job Opening Will Make You Sick…

Must See The DOJ's New WOKE Job Opening Will Make You Sick...
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The Next News Network – John Hanson from The Political Insider reports, The U.S. Justice Department has announced that it will have a new position: Chief Diversity Officer. This development was reported by Fox News on Saturday.

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What a waste of taxpayer funds., but yet they penalize the unvaccinated.

By a· show of thumbs, who else dislikes the ” Biden Administration ” ?

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We took care of “diversity” in the 60s MLK was a real national hero and made many more Americans aware. Now after 20-50 years of Affirmative Action, we see minorities, especially Black Americans all over the air ways, tv and radio, and other professional and semi professional careers. NOW they want to preach bigotry and some sort of good thing?!! And Americans are falling for that??!! It will destroy the country and makes no sense what ever to a sane person.