Must See: The Black National Anthem is Dividing Us…

Must See The Black National Anthem is Dividing Us...
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– NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas presents a unique take on the national anthem debate. Why is he against playing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” but also not high on the “Star Spangled Banner?” How does Whitlock counter his argument with an appeal to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence?

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One national anthem PERIOD.

Why is there a black national anthem. What is the black nation? To even create the “black national anthem” is extremely racist and just shows how racist they were.

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Black privilege rules.

Hey everyone look at the black privilege and black supremacy on parade!!!!

And we were told for years there wasn’t black privilege and black supremacy! now don’t you look foolish.

there has been black privilege since the 1890’s and black privilege has been part of our laws since 1965.

I know there are plenty of you brainwashed fools who think there is no black privilege but you are living 1850 so why do I care what you think,