Must See: Ted Cruz Slams Pelosi in Epic Fashion…

Must See: Ted Cruz Slams Pelosi in Epic Fashion...
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Breitbart News
– Addressing the Senate floor, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for requiring House members to wear masks or risk getting arrested.

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Arrested for not wearing a mask? Yeah, that’s not the actions of the Nazi SS at all!!!!

Hey Ted, get the Jan 6 political prisoners out of jail. They haven’t had due process and reasonable bail.

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The one who should be in jail is Nutsy. That applies to all Democraps.


Agree that many have broken laws that they should be doing time for but do not think ALL Democrats are despicable. What is despicable is that we LET them get away with the wrongs they do……..Patriots, don’t give up, give us hope and guidance. GOD, give us help !!!


Of all the pressing issues our country has going on…….it amazes me that Nancy P and some of the other big ” leaders ” put priority on MASKS and they themselves do not abide by them ? What is heck is wrong with them ?!!! Their morbid hatred of Trump has left them weak minded !!! God, help this country !!! Give us leadership not childish games or pay backs for past encounters with members of the Republican party……………..Get help for our innocent men who have had no legal help after being arrested and not guilty and no appearances before a court of law !!!! Can’t play this game for much longer, it tain’t legal betcha ? What happened to ” innocent till proven guilty in a court of law ” ? I may be wrong bout if it is legal or not but the shame and laughter of the rest of the world for your little boy and girl games can never been undone.