Must See: Shocking Wuhan Evidence…

Must See Shocking Wuhan Evidence...
Image From Video Below...

Russell Brand – New evidence has emerged that suggests Dr Fauci may have lied to Congress about his involvement in Gain of Function research in Wuhan.

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I mean…we told you so. But when we told you, we were labeled as conspiracy theorists and systematically censored.

I lost a lot of respect for Fauci when he said if you question him you are questioning science. That is the point of science, to question things. Religion and authoritarians require obedience, real science requires questions and evidence. Science never says “Take our word for it”, that’s the job of theocracy.

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R p

This No Science dr. Anthony Fauci is a FRAUD , CON and a HABITUAL LIAR ! He found his Science Certificate in a Cracker Jack box.and that was his Prize. I wouldn’t Trust him with My Inter Grown Toe Nail.


It’s time to arrest fraudci,frankestein, he helped create this monster, and covered up for china, and his lying self. This guy doesn’t belong in government, but in jail for helping kill millions of people, with this virus, he helped create.

Briben biden

he actual has the formal name of Joseph tony fauci mangele.

Briben biden

I vote we skip the trial and move straight to the public hanging.

since I got a hold of the ballot I am printing off 400,350,000 pre-filled ballots for my point of view.


Eric Swalwell and his CCP girlfriend Fang Fang, Pelosi and other Democrats organized the introduction of the China virus into this country. All should be arrested, jail, tried and executed for treason. Proof exists for my statement.