Must See: Ron DeSantis Destroys Joe Biden…

Must See Ron DeSantis Destroys Joe Biden...
Image From Video Below...

Anthony Brian Logan – Florida Governor Ron DeSantis didn’t hold back on his opinion of Joe Biden who recently attacked the state over mask mandates. The impromptu press conference from DeSantis appeared to be totally off-script…

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Ron DeSantis is America’s governor not like creepy Cuomo!!

I loved what Desantis said to Biden. He had every right to do so. We are supposed to be the land of the FREE and home of the BRAVE. Kudos Governor !

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Your Fucking Idiots.. Fuck Ron DesSantis.. Child killer.. Don’t let out children die. What am A$$hole..

Joe Smuckatelli

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Somehow I sought it. Trump is a DICK-TATOR.. He and his cronies will be locked up or will turn on him and tell them truth. TUCKER CARLSON will be right here with the rest. May he and his family all contract COVID.
DONALD TRUMP is a disappointed to the USA.


i do wish they would require people to have, and use, their brains before posting anything online. Obviously, Mike was born without a brain, or at a minimum, never used the one he was born with. Also, he has such a command of our language!! Bet his mother is proud…

Robert L Ferguson

Florida Governor . Greatest Governor of all times .