Must See: Psaki Cornered Over Biden Ignoring Mask Requirement…

Must See: Psaki Cornered Over Biden Ignoring Mask Requirement...
Image From Video Below...

BonginoReport – We need more like Doocy.

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I would hate to have her job go to work everyday and be made to look like an idiot everytime she takes the podium

Raggedy Ann Strikes Again!!! How can she sleep at night knowing she’s defending this squatter in the White House while he ruins America?

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Your kidding me right? How can she stand there and with a straight face tell the country he followed the Advise of his health officials? If so why is it the health officials ( Joseph Mengele, Little Napoleon ) Dr. Fauci telling the country they must get vaccinated with a Vaccine they now know only lessens the severity of the virus, does not stop it, wear masks which again are known not to work against a viral infection. While they ignore the same Advice. When will this sham end. It’s time!!

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