Must See: Psaki Called Out in Epic Fashion by Reporter…

Must See Psaki Called Out in Epic Fashion by Reporter...
Image From Video Below...

Dinesh D’Souza – Good point on the Biden Administration’s transparency.

Top Comments:

Reporter: “What color is the sky?” Jen Sucky: “I’m glad you asked about the trees”

Snarky dismissive response to the core issue which is truth.

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Yea the Bidy administration is transparent alrighty! Lie, treat every American as if they are even more ignorant and retarded than Ol worthless Bidy and if any one of the Bidy bunch opens their mouth? Well THEY ARE LYING!! But atleast it is not the honest off the cuff Orange man?Rite? The suffering has only just begun of this worthless,demented POS Bidy and His bunch