Must See: Portland Launches Ad Campaign to ‘Be Yourself’…

Must See: Portland Launches Ad Campaign to 'Be Yourself'...
Image from video below...

Fox News – Townhall senior writer Julio Rosas discusses the impact of Portland’s ‘tolerance’ towards criminal behavior

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The city streets downtown are lined with homeless tents. These people are not normal people, they inject heroin right on the corner, smoking meth in front of boarded up business, tweaking out. Shitting and pissing like wild animals needles everywhere people vomiting and having bad trips on drugs, portland is a hellish nightmare, 12 years ago it wasn’t even 1% this bad.

It looks like they have plenty of people in Portland, just not so many that are useful for a functioning society.

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Another model of a demorat run city!

Robert Richey

Like the article stated, “wild animals” but they want to be treated as your equal.


are you allowed to be white in portland or will it get you killed?


That’s what Portland deserves. I hope they burn it to the ground. My family came over on the Oregon Trail and I’ve lived in Oregon 73 years. Democrats and liberals have destroyed this state. I wish they’d take the fast train to China. Get the hell outa our state!!!

Stacy Dougherty

There is a train from Oregon to China.. jk. I agree! There are plenty of other socialistic/communistic counties that fit your ideology!
Just doesn’t fit in A Constitutional America! Those 2 ideologies do not co-exist or even mingle together! Just beat it! Get the heck out of here cuz hell awaits for you in another Country! BTW there are plenty of “shit holes” that swamp people can live in out side of this Country You will not succeed turning America into one!

John Skelton

The people of Portland elected their “leaders”, they’re just getting what they voted for. No sympathy whatsoever.