Must See: Pelosi Demonstrates How a Politician Answers a Question…

Must See: Pelosi Demonstrates How a Politician Answers a Question...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Democrat Pelosi demonstrates how a politician answers a question.

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Piglosi and the other fossils need replacement. Immediately.

She literally informed me of nothing except she’s unable honestly to answer a question with an intelligent answer. 😳😬🤪

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Ed Walsh

What was the question ??


I became mentally exhausted after listening to her reply.

Theresa Lewis

they already have background checks in every states that are connected to the FBI. The problem is not with making it harder for law abiding citizens to get guns the big question is how are you going to get the guns out of the criminals hands! They don’t go to gun shops to buy their guns !!! and they really don’t give a dam about the gun laws !

John J

The hypocrite is pushing pot what a hypocrite


What did she just say???????????????????????????????????????