Must See: Paski Defends General Milley’s Secret Talks with China…

Must See: Paski Defends General Milley's Secret Talks with China...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Psaki defends Gen Milley’s secret talks with China and blames Trump.

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Blaming Trump is their safe space.

It’s always easy to blame who isn’t responsible anymore.

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Ya all u traitor dumbocraps, would stick up for another traitor. Milley ,is the irrational,delusiinal, nut=job going behind and undermining the president. He has no power to do anything like that, he is just to advise and nothing else, he committed treason, with hidenbiden and his generals, and other misfits causing more crisises. They all need to be removed for total incompetence. pathetic embarrassments, all of them.