Must See: Olympic Athlete Promises to Set Fire to the American Flag…

Must See: Olympic Athlete Promises to Set Fire to the American Flag...
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The Next News Network – Julio Rosas from Townhall reports, BMX rider Chelsea Wolfe, who qualified to be an alternate in the U.S. team for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, expressed her desire last year to get onto the medal podium so she could burn the American flag.

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That should disqualify her from even entering the contest. On display hate for the world to see is poison.

Well, hopefully it won’t win, but if it does, I hope Japan arrests it for arson and gets 5 years over there!

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Let her stay home and light it up in her momma’s basement if she so desires. Otherwise she’ll become very popular in China and North Korea as they use her for propaganda.

albin orlak

If she actually said this then she does not deserve to go on the U.S. team or wear any U.S. identification.


I agree with you completely.

Henry Messer

Truer words were never spoken.

Robert Schulz

Set fire to her ass and send her packing.


She needs to have her passport revoked and not allowed back into our great country!!


Get her off the American team. She is a traitor to our country. She has no right to represent our team under any circumstances Only people that resect our country have the right to compete on behalf of our country.


It’s A FEDERAL CRIME to burn the AMERICAN FLAG and I for One would like to see her Serve some “PRISON TIME if she does Burn the United States Of America Flag.


Hmm, I didn’t know that. It was a law passed in the 1980s. I can’t say I’m sorry. Once one feels like trashing, burning, stomping the flag, they should simply find a more perfect country they may call home. It is so illogical, considering the human condition of imperfection, to expect that ANY country is unflawed and without sin!!


If you do not feel love and patriotism for your country, do not run for political office, do not serve in the military and do not get involved in representing your country at the Olympics. I am a constitutionalist, but I simply can’t say it’s OK for an American to burn their flag. It is the symbol, born in a woman’s head and with her hands that has stood for country, love, honor where-ever Americans have fought, as often for the benefit of others as much as for our own. It has covered the ones who came home to be buried and in big wars to buried in a foreign land. It deserves to be treated with respect.