Must See: Netanyahu Goes Off On Biden as He’s Headed Out the Door…

Must See: Netanyahu Goes Off On Biden as He's Headed Out the Door...
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The Next News Network – Edmund DeMarche from FOX News reports, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu used his final speech in front of the Knesset Sunday to vow a swift return to office, attack his replacement and call out the Biden administration’s effort to revive the nuke deal with Iran.

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The so called Biden administration is a complete disgrace,to not only the United States, but the whole world.

Biden is not the president. You don’t own what you stole.

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Well, I can’t say I disagree with anything Netanyahu said – about Biden, about Iran, or about the election. Meanwhile, the Yahoo News page continues to print chiefly Leftist propaganda – for instance, they give pride of place to an editorial on “the real purpose behind the GOP’s election challenge in Arizona…” Oh, my! The REAL reason? It’s not about insuring an honest count from real voters – despite the irregularities already found in Maricopa Country (where the Democrat officials have done everything they can to handicap the effort – could we maybe get an editorial on the “real reason” the Democrats don’t want an honest election?). Trump lost Georgia, ostensibly, by a bit over 10,000 votes, yet Fulton County alone has over 30,000 votes (97% for Biden) which seem to have used, well, let’s say “questionable ballots”. What is “the real reason the Dems had to use xeroxed ballot forms sent to empty buildings in Georgia”? Can we get a story on that? Oregon isn’t really in contention (thanks to Portland which rules the rest of the state like the worst colonial power), yet fully half the ballots from my family did NOT get counted. Guess the D’s can’t take chances – could we explore the “real reason” behind that, too? Let’s remember, folks, this crap is being put out by the same media types which savaged Trump for trying to contain COVID by putting a travel ban to/from China back in Feb. of 2020 (“racist”, “xenophobic”, “hysterical”) but which now says he was “slow” to react. It’s the same media that wouldn’t even use the phrase “Wuhan” in reference to the flu (violating medical naming convention, btw), but which now says Trump failed to explore the possibility of a leak and maybe even an “engineered virus”. Do these people have ANY credibility left and are they fit to expound on the “real reason” for anything?