Must See: Mexican Troops Break Up Massive Caravan Heading to US Border…

Must See: Mexican Troops Break Up Massive Caravan Heading to US Border...
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The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports Another migrant caravan formed in Mexico en route to the US over the weekend. The 400-strong caravan left Tapachula on Saturday and is largely made up of military-aged males from Haiti, Venezuela and Central America.

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Can’t we just get President Trump back please!!!

It is Biden and Harris fault, but I’m sure glad the Mexican authorities are stopping some of them!!

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Leslie M Seely

Give our people on the border real bullets and show them how to us the weapons which they have been carrying as a decoration. A few burst of live fire doe’s wonders. It’s our country they are messing up, wake up.
the old marine


Mexico doing their job to slow them down,but sockpuppet,senile,old,frail,fool, keeps our border open. This embarrassing buffoon, need to be removed for total incompetency,these people aren’t fit to be in their positions. They are a bunch of useful idiots, that are total danger to our country, and need to go.


So ; columns of military aged men heading for the USA. Thank you m exico. fOR INTERTCEPT… And remember Biden’s ADM would not require them to be vaccinated.. recorded COVID. TB. MEASLES. MUMPS. ETC. USA citizens must be “vaccinated..etc .But Bidens illegals NOTHING…