Must See: Massive Payback from China…

Must See: Massive Payback from China...
Image from video below...

Bannons War Room Massive Payback From China

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We need to reopen industries here. NOW.

Biden does not have time to make it up. God has weighed Joe Biden and his communist administration and found them wanting!

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Many, Many, Many years ago, I wanna say 2006/2007, I was at the Yale Club in Manhattan NYC having drinks with Devon Archer – yes, THAT Devon Archer – then of Rosemont Solesbury – a/k/a Heinz money, hoping to convince him to invest in my venture. (Didn’t happen, thank GOD!)
The discussion turned to China, and Devon says his big fear was China ceasing their purchase of U.S. Debt (even though China wasn’t the largest buyer of it anyway.)
I told him my fear was them ceasing to sell us stuff.
He was a banker (and now a convicted felon.)
I’m a manufacturer and *I* am still going.

Just saying.