Must See: Mass Formation Psychosis Similar to Nazi Germany

Must See: Mass Formation Psychosis Similar to Nazi Germany
Image from video below...

Bannons War Room – Dr. Malone on Madness Of Mass Formation Psychosis

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Rogan got 8M followers on GETTR

It went viral because we saw it happen, we watched it happen but we didn’t have a word for it. Now we do! Thanks Dr. Malone. The eyes and ears of the world are upon you. God Bless you and God’s speed.


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Finally someone sees what the Democratic Party has become, they are blinded to the facts, they have a Formation Phychosis much like what Hitler did to the masses in Nazi Germany. The Democratic party has been taken over by George Soros and His Quest for Hitlers ” Open Society ” as they are attracted by the one thing they value , even over life , Money. Which he spreads around the world ruining country after country in his wake, we are next! The Democrats with their last for Money and Power have forgotten the people, the way they get that is through control, which is just how Hitler came to power, and once they gain that power nothing will stop them from keeping it, It’s time to open the Brainwashed eyes before the Party drags us all into the 4th Reich

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