Must See: Man Threatened with Arrest for Wearing MAGA Hat…

Must See: Man Threatened with Arrest for Wearing MAGA Hat...
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Charlie Kirk – Man Threatened With Arrest For Wearing MAGA Hat

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As a FORMER POLICE OFFICER how dare that officer threaten to arrest someone for wearing a hat. He needs a refresher course on the U.S. CONSTITUTION 1st Amendment. Call his bluff then sue him and his Dept. For unlawful arrest.

First Amendment. Can’t arrest someone for this.

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That officer needs to be removed from the force and never be allowed to work on another police force again. He is definitely not enforcing law, but bias and prejudice.


Definitely an abuse of power. He must ascribe the the Biden philosophy if tyranny?

Barbara Hartley

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The officer is obviously wrong, but anyone simple-minded enough to wear a MAGA hat should get a refresher course on democracy. Hopefully, these vestigial reminders of the biggest slimebucket to ever occupy the WH will be grouped with nazi paraphernalia as symbols of hate and stupidity.

robert Grasley

You really mean to inform me that this administration is superior to Pres. Trumps???

You should move to Venezuela or some other free country


Get some help remy….you are extremely confused regarding your views.


You are some kind of ‘special’ IDIOT!!!

Joe Smuckatelli

Damn, did Bi jeing use a maga hat? Because that is who it sounds like you are describing

Stacy Dougherty

What the heck does this police officer live under a Rock! There will be no other citizen that would support the “BLUE” than a MAGA hat wearer!! Yes I am for some reform in the police dept. its called education! Will someone please inform this officer about the 1st Amendment!


What has happened to this country? What statute is this person violating by wearing an article of clothing that is neither vulgar, racist or offensive? It’s a positive message inspiring the hope and change we were promised but never got with Barack Hussein Obama!

James Bakonyi

Simple bullying the best way to stop this is to stand up to it


What police dept. is this and where? Who is the police officer? What did the police chief do to this communist ?

Democrats hate

That fat pig of a cop needs to be fired. The citizen should have immediately said you are under citizens arrest for violately my civil rights, abuse of your police powers, harassment and threatening a citizen with no cuase. Then he should have called the police and told them what happened and that the police officer is resisting arrest.

Gabe hanzeli

The cop is a fat pig.

George floyd

This is why people want to defund the police.

Fire this fat bastard cop before he kneel.on someone’s neck.


We just sit back and do nothing but watch as a tranny government destroys the country and takes your rights.No ones fault but ours. we have a 2nd amendment right. But we had rather watch the country go to shit huh?

Joe Smuckatelli

If that had been me, I would have been arrested for assault on a wannabe. He wannabe a police officer but doesn’t know how. DA should be filing charges for bullshittin’ in uniform, threats of false imprisonment, attempted intimidation, being a jackass, violation of multiple Constitutional rights. Of course none of these are real charges but the bald fat guy wearing Corporal’s rank would have met THE PISSED OFF GUNNY. One of us would have gone to jail, the other to the hospital. After all, I took an oath to defend the Constitution, against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. This turd is domestic.