Must See: Look Who Shows Up to Greet Kamala Harris in Milwaukee

Must See: Look Who Shows Up to Greet Kamala Harris in Milwaukee

On Tuesday, Vice President Kamala Harris traveled to Milwaukee to promote President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill.

When she dropped by the University of Wisconsin’s energy laboratories, no supporters at all were waiting for her.

While no supporters were present, a group of protesters did attend to oppose Biden’s infrastructure plan.

One sign read, “Wisconsin can’t afford the Biden Harris tax hikes!” while another protester held a sign reading, “Who will pay for this?”

Other signs read “Keystone XL is infrastructure” and “Don’t tax away our future.” Despite the absence of supporters, there were protesters present. How did she get 81 million votes again?

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You can manipulate a machine to do your bidding but you cannot do the same with real people


The answer to the authors question is they did not get 85 million legitimate votes.
Dominion voting machines manipulated the votes.


She did not get any votes herself. The ticket she was on with Heir Biden received the votes.


At least the right people showed up this time instead of the paid mob for hire.

Stephen I. Mayo

Outstanding that real folk; Republican working class men/women, showed up to bear witness against MattressHarris BS. Politicians/consultants stay home; have GOP’s genuine constituency make case for liberty, freedom, enterprise from now on. Let Marxist corporate media and technoligarchs try and jeer THEM!

Last edited 8 months ago by Stephen I. Mayo
Stacy Dougherty

How did Biden/Harris get 80 mill votes? THEY CHEATED!! as usual!!!

Old Salt

Never have I seen a more arrogant, narcissistic, self centered, pugnacious, in yer face political hack in my entire life. Everyone knows she attained her prestigious political position using “high heels” as payment for political favor and advancement. Virtually nobody likes her, not even her own party and is rightfully viewed with disdain and disgust. As soon as the SHTF…I believe there’s a rope and a gallows for this communist traitor!

Old Salt.jpg

WHY THE HELL WERE THERE SO MANY CARS??? NO ONE EVEN dem o crafters will not show up !!!! 81 MILLION VOTES MY ASS!!!!