Must See: Liberal CNN Host Goes Off-the-Rails Trashing Biden…

Must See: Liberal CNN Host Goes Off-the-Rails Trashing Biden...
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The Next News Network – Mike LaChance from American Lookout reports, CNN’s Van Jones offered some light criticism of Joe Biden this week and some liberals are losing their minds about it. Even though Jones is a member of the left, they are ready to throw him under the bus. It’s kind of sad.

Top Comments:

Van Jones is the guy caught saying Russia, Russia, Russia was a nothing berger. He was right. 😆

NOTICE the difference between Van Jones quoting Biden and Trump. Van Jones speaks of Biden saying you will, “get stuff.” President Trump speaks of, “what you can achieve!” What a world of difference between the two./ One is making you dependent ON the State. The other (Trump), is making you independent of the State.

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