Must See: Leftists Admit Biden Will Be Impeached…

Must See: Leftists Admit Biden Will Be Impeached...
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Dr. Steve Turley – More and more pundits are recognizing that Joe Biden’s impeachment is inevitable, and this includes if you can believe it, more and more leftists! They are indeed admitting that Biden’s impeachment is as sure as night follows day! In this video, we’re going to look at some of the more prominent voices on the left panicking about the prospects of a Biden impeachment, we’re going to look at the latest poll plunge that shows Biden losing even Democrat voters, and stick with me to the very end of the video when I reveal what they’re REALLY panicked over, and let’s just say, it has a little something to do with 2022; you are NOT going to want to miss this!

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Not just Biden but every single one of the Fake administration as well as putting Polosi and Schumer in jail.

The Democrats and Left’s hypocrisy is eternal and mind blowing.

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R p

Beijing Joe doesn’t need to be IMPEACHED that’s to soft on him. He Beijing Joe needs to be COURT MARSHALLED so he will lose the Title of Pretending President , Retirement Benefits and Security Benefits.

Sarah Wilker

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Sandra B

He’s not impeachable because he is an illegitimate POTUS. He is a domestic traitor acting along with others inside our government who allowed foreign interference not only in the 2020 Presidential election, but who have now taken over our government completely. For those of us who are wide awake, it is easy to see who all of the Deep State players are and who have their evil agenda on full display. Look at the difference between Trump running the country vs “Biden”. Everything occurring now is a reflection of the CCP and their playbook. That includes the depopulation agenda with the jabs, social scoring, spying on citizens and having complete control of your entire life. This is totalitarian control, not democracy and certainly not freedom on any level. Those who would continue to fall for the fear narrative have all given up their rights and freedom allowed under our Constitution and God. It is time for people to wake up already. Stop watching Big Tech sites and the mainstream. They are spreading lies and fear. Your discernment has been affected by these Deep State actors. You must take control of your thoughts, feelings and your life or they will end it for you. This isn’t a joke any longer. This is a war, but a war of a very different kind, and there have been massive casualties, as in any war. Participate as you can to ensure America’s freedom and Constitution.. whether it is showing up at a school board meeting and telling your truth, getting involved in your community, helping others and more.. YOU can make a difference vs sitting in the house and waiting for someone else to do it for you.

Paul Lamothe

He will never be Impeached He will resign and go away. The DNC ( The puppeteers) should be impeached for abusing a senile old Rat Bastard