Must See: LeBron James Triggered by Heckler…

Must See: LeBron James Triggered by Heckler...
Image From Video Below...

BonginoReport – What a total loser.

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Big baby bully. I’m sick of hearing his name. Let’s cancel him.

For real??? Lebron can’t stand a little heckling? It would be interesting to know what was said. And he wants to call out Kyle for crying. What a d*ckhead.

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Steven Austin

Big lip Lebron doesn’t like to be heckled? If he would keep his big mouth shut, he wouldn’t be heckled!!!


If he wants to be adored like a super (multi-million dollar) star it would be a good idea for him to stay in character. Don’t go after a “kid” who was running for his life and tragically wound up, himself taking two lives in order to save his won. Big basketball players has never had to make such a decision and has know idea how he would react, but probably would accept it was OK to protect his own life!!! What a dud he has become – simply the whole NBA, including him, and their forgiving attitude for their sugar daddy, no matter the inhumanity of China. How small can an adult male get who gets a young couple ejected from a ball game because they don’t like him!