Must See: Kamala Harris Botches the Pre-Game Coin Flip…

Must See Kamala Harris Botches the Pre-Game Coin Flip...
Image From Video Below...

Charlie Kirk – Kamala Harris Botches Pre-Game Coin Flip

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Ironically this is the most productive thing she’s done her entire career.

President Trump won the 2020 election by a massive landslide, and everyone knows it. 💯

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U know what they say,u can’t fix stupid.Just watch her and hidenbiden. the clown show and his circus of incompetence.


The sad thing about Biden and his administration is, they are giving away our hard earned tax dollars. How much money did we loose when they left behind all our equipment and Americans. Thirteen lost their lives because of Biden, but yet he is still there. What a disgrace to our country.