Must See: It Seems Joe Biden’s Temper is a Real Problem…

Must See It Seems Joe Biden's Temper is a Real Problem...
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Newsmax TV – VETTING BIDEN: Greg Kelly on a growing problem that has plagued Joe Biden and his ability to hide the Hunter Biden story.

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Joe’s incompetence is an even bigger problem.

Afghanistan wasn’t a stupid mistake it was treason!!!!! charge biden!!!!!!!

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democrats ,children in adult bodies , freedom is dead , we now have to bow down to government like the rest of the world , dictated to by the rich who buy their way into politics just to rob us and get richer , the 4 fathers warned us of this , and like all grate socities ours is at and end , the rich freaks have won

Joe O'Bidum...

Oh boy- now the truth about the DISINGENUOUSNESS of dem/lib/proggies/commucrats.comes out. Even changing the very recorded words of one of their favorite ICONS to twist them into fitting their new paradigm- removal of all sex-based distinctions. It’s becoming more and more difficult to live in the same world with such enemies of humanity.


I remember when my mother was in full blown Alzheimer’s stage, she would get angry very fast, attack us, and was yelling or speaking incoherently at times, other times she would be almost like normal ( After a few Xanax or Valium ) , I see all the symptoms we felt with on full display in Joe Biden, his wife, his Doctors and those that are using him as a puppet should be charged with Elderly Abuse immediately before he can do anymore Damage to the country .