Must See: Is the Tea Party About to Rise Up?

Must See Is the Tea Party About to Rise Up
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Fox News – Fox News host joins ‘Gutfeld!’ to discuss the meaning of his latest book.

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There better be a rise up with the true American people or we can kiss this country goodbye.. starting with the crooked voting system…

Don’t let teachers brainwash your kids. It’s parents job to teach children morality.

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Why bother to comment when it does nothing to change anything . We all know about the corruption of the delusional democrat party and the voting system to use voters fraud to steal elections . They burn , loot and kill at will and the democrats and the Republicans do nothing to protect the people that voted them in office . None of our government does the jobs they were voted in to do . They only do what works for them go make more money in their pockets . Their oaths of service means nothing anymore , not yo the people or the country . They shame us all . So I say f#ck them all . I will never vote again , if you see my name on a voters card it was a fake and they stold my vote again like they did in Pa in 2020 .