Must See Insanity: Colin Kaepernick Compares the NFL Draft to Slavery…

Must See Insanity: Colin Kaepernick Compares the NFL Draft to Slavery...
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Ben Shapiro
– Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick was slammed over the weekend in response to video clips that circulated on social media where he made a truly absurd claim.

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He’s acting as if white athletes don’t go through the combine as well😂. Edit: I’m noticing that some people have misinterpreted my comment. My whole point was that the NFL is not an equivalent to slavery. Colin was clearly separating black people from white people and implicitly suggesting that white people are the supposed “oppressors”. The NFL is undoubtedly way different from slavery, because players get payed millions of dollars to run with a freaking ball. The whole commercial is stupid to its core.

This guy is the most ungreatful dude in history. He was blessed with loving parents yet chose to be a race grifter, he was a horrible quarterback making good money, yet he blew it petending to care about social justice

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This guy is exactly like AOC – totally created by the so-called media/news people as some sort of Guru to be listened to carefully and heeded!!! The stuff they spout is generally inane or outright nonsense, yet “reporters” race to them with a mic the minute they step out in public and then their latest pontificating is all over he evening news programs!! What drivel!

Ben Dare

Someone needs to shave that ungrateful bastard.

Dan Danser

Medieval white people used hatchets in battle. So the did Indians culturally appropriated that from the white Medieval warriors? Or for heavens sake could it be that several cultures had/have the same traditions??