Must See: High School Student Arrested for Defying Mask Mandate…

Must See: High School Student Arrested for Defying Mask Mandate...
Image From Video Below...

Fox News
– Laramie High School Grace Smith and her father Andrew Smith react to the suspension and arrest following daughters decision to break mask mandate rule

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Why aren’t these politicians being arrested for their mandates that they called for?

If you’re already vaccinated why would you be worried if someone else isn’t? All the risk is on them not you.

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Insanity, at it’s best.


If she was a illegal , she won’t need a mask

Justa Nutherguy

Why aren’t masks required in the White House and the Capitol by staffers and others? ONE LAW FOR ME, ANOTHER FOR THEE! TO HELL WITH THAT SCHOOL…

Steven Austin

Dad sue the school, school board and the popo’s.

Lisa L DeMarco

So proud of you for standing up for your rights. This is considered a problem but BLM protesters can do whatever they want and no one does anything to them or how about illegals not wearing masks – welcome mats put out for them. It’s disgusting what is happening in our country! Thank you to you and your dad!!