Must See: Gross Overreaction to Omicron…

Must See: Gross Overreaction to Omicron...
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Bannons War Room Gross Overreaction To Omicron

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I say for about 2 years that this is an absolute shitshow. I am at a loss how to call this evolution of the shitshow. I live in Europe and the pressure is mounting, one after another surrenders to QR code fascism thinking it will be temporary. The few that are awake, like me, what can we do. Even physical fight is not possible as 95% of Europe has been disarmed. Human rights are being trampled upon, world wide. No one has learned from WW2 and the 45 years following WW2. Years of closed society behind the iron curtain. Many people I know say “that should never happen again” while they voluntarily sign up for exactly that. All willingly ignorant, not investing any time in digging around for information as issued by UN, WEF, WHO, Rockefeller, EU and banks. God forbid they would lose an hour of dumbing down watching netflix. Jesus, what a world….

“There seems to be an alterior motive”, yes I’d say so….

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The NORMAL trajectory of a virus is to mutate and it mutates predictably thanks to differential selective pressures: It gets MORE infectious AND It gets LESS virulent. See, it does a virus NO good to kill its host. It just “wants” (*) to go out, meet new people, and infect them. The longer they stay infected and active, the more folks it gets to meet and infect and, invariably, even the most terrible viruses end up like the common cold. Can’t avoid it and it’s miserable while you have it, but it goes away and will see you again next year. A virus which makes its victims bedridden or which kills them doesn’t get around very much (look at ebola). Granted, the seeming rate of mutation with COVID has seemed a bit fast, but that is likely due to two things, firstly, it’s an engineered virus and is not naturally stable, so its reverting to a more stable form. Secondly, these lockdowns and these very narrowly tailored vaccines are increasing the selective pressures and driving the process along. IF we want to avoid these mutant forms, all we need to do is to knock off our stupid responses to them.

[* I know that some purist will get all tweaked about my talking about what viruses “want” as tho it’s a consciously directed matter. It’s not. That is artistic license to make it more comprehensible to lay folks. No teleological factors should be assumed from my use of that word or the imagery it may convey.]].