Must See: Grant Stinchfield demonstrates the ‘Biden Shuffle’…

Must See: Grant Stinchfield demonstrates the 'Biden Shuffle'...
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Newsmax TV – President Joe Biden refuses to answer questions from the press corps., walking away once he finishes a speech – Grant Stinchfield reenacts, what calls the Biden Shuffle

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This administration would benefit from an asteroid impact.

I ain’t looking for no trouble, I’m just here to do the Joe Biden shuffle.

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Curley Shuffle

VERY DISAPPOINTING. I wanted to see “The Biden Shuffle” and it was not depicted. The “Biden Back” to the Press Corps with be the meme of this mal-administration!


What a pathetic,humiliating,embarrassment, this totally incompetent,incoherant,clown, destroying our country,everything he has done has screwed Americans and aided illegal criminals,terrorists,cartel members,and answers nothing. He needs to be removed for his delusional,incompetence.