Must See: Gov Jim Justice Loses His Mind Over Unvaccinated People…

Must See: Gov Jim Justice Loses His Mind Over Unvaccinated People...
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Charlie Kirk – Gov. Jim Justice Losing His Mind Over Unvaccinated People

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Justice made a really compelling case for why people shouldn’t get vaccinated.

I love how they say they are losing patience. These people are tyrannts. We’re losing our patience with them.

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Governor Moron, if people are vax’d, why do they have to worry about getting it? That’s what vaxes do, protect. You people must really think the American people are stupid.

Elisa Terry

Trish, things change, science changes. Scientist used to think the world was flat, we (and may I assume you?) now know that it is round. Scientist were not stupid, but they gathered more information and now we know better. Same with using leeches medicinally, doctors were not stupid, they did what they thought was the best medical advice at the time. The virus changes and mutates, so it breaks through the vaccine barrier now. We will probably have another mutation of the virus which might breakthrough again because not enough intelligent people are getting vaccinated. This is why Biden can no longer wait for people to do it on their own, we Americans are just not smart enough as a whole. Biden has to treat Americans like children and force them to get vaccines. So sad. And yes Trish, A LOT of people now think the American people are stupid.


Who voted for this moron anyway a bunch of morons shame on you why not vote for someone better next. Time


The top French Doctor said it is the Vaccinated people spreading the virus and they should should be kept away from healthy people how go they know where they are getting it from they just want to blame people who do not let libs dictate to them

Elisa Terry

Where do you get your information? Please provide it here since no one I know has ever heard this nonsense.

Dan Danser

The truth is that vaccinated people are more of a threat to the unvaccinated as the VAXED people carry more germs than the unvaccinated! AND since the vaccinated people are protected(?) from the virus what is their problem? As there are so many breakthroughs, the vaccinated people, by carrying many more virus germs than the unvaccinated are MORE of a threat to ALL people!!


If that’s true the Vaccine should be illegal.

Elisa Terry

did you find this brilliant piece of philosophy on the same page as the cow de-wormer concept?


People have their own reasons for not wanting the Vaccine. In the USA that IS their Right. Politicians have NO Right to issue Mandatory Vaccination I the USA. It is not in accordance with the Constitutional Republic that we are in the USA. You know, The Constitutional Republic that Biden, His Admin and the Now Marxist Far Left Dems are working on Destroying.And the Republicans are far too Timid to effectively fight these Commie Dems. They think they are guaranteed a Republican Landslide in the 2022 elections so they are very Ignorant of what USA Citizens want and too Complacent believeing they are unable to stop the Biden Admin from this Disaster they have made of our Country. OUR COUNTRY.