Must See: DeSantis Says What We’re All Thinking About January 6th

Must See: DeSantis Says What We're All Thinking About January 6th
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BonginoReport – “I don’t expect anything good to come out of what Pelosi and the gang are doing.”

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Best governor in the country. We need 49 more just like him.

fbi, capital police & drunk ass Nancy is 100% responsible for January 6th. If Trump supporters really want to take the capital over, WE WOULD OF EITH EASE!!!


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The only one to blame about Jan 6th riot is Nancy Pelosi. It was known there could be some violence. President Trump told her to call the National Guard. SHE REFUSED.
Later on the Capitol doors were opened.WHO GAVE THAT ORDER?
You don’t need to be too smart to put that together. Everything else is THEATRICS.