Must See: Democrat NJ Gov Yells at Protesters…

Must See Democrat NJ Gov Yells at Protesters...
Image From Video Below...

The News Junkie’s Archives – Democrat NJ Gov. Murphy yells at protesters: “You are the ultimate knuckleheads…”

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just because someone is passionate and demonstrative does NOT mean they are correct, THIS MAN IS THE KNUCKLEHEAD

Here’s Governor Murphy of New Jersey the ultimate knucklehead

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This Pinhead Demcratic Governor of New Jersey is as Brain!ess as Pretending President Beijing Joey O’biden , Camel Harris , Peloski Pelosi , Up’n Chuck’n Schumer and the rest of the Deplorable and Deranged Democratic Governors.


It seems like all the democrates in new jersey are knuckle heads haven’t founf one from that state that has been able to prove me wrong yet i mean look at covid sleepy joe biden an their gov.

Laura Wagner

This is the man who thought following Andrew Cuomo’s lead on putting Covid positive people in nursing homes was a good idea. I wonder if he covered his death count as accurately as Cuomo did?


One of those patients was my wife who was sent to a nursing ho,me to recover from a procedure and caught the virus there and died.Thanks Murph..


This whole thing has been about politics and no more.I have seen so much mis information and outright lies from those that are supposed to be in charge until i am sick of it. They have lied about the number of deaths and the truth is that the number of deaths isn’t anymore than any other flu seasons in the past.They just want to run your lives for you and be in charge of all aspects of your life and they do it by all this hysteria about killing people. Supposed covid deaths are number 4 in the country right now and if the truth were known it is probably further down than that.They haven’t came up with anything to control the flu effectively in the past 60 years and all of a sudden they have all the answers to covid in less than 6 months. AMAZING. If you check the covid website you will find that all the symptoms for covid are the same for the flu for which is why you don’t hear that much about the flu anymore.

ahem tonto

So NJ citizens, why have you not impeached the corrupt piece of amoral trash posing as your governor?