Must See: Cops Called in As Parents Sing the National Anthem…

Must See: Cops Called in As Parents Sing the National Anthem...
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Charlie Kirk – Must See: Cops Called in As Parents Sing the National Anthem…

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The fact that these school boards think they have some sort of authority over parents and their children is disgusting, just goes to show how quickly people become corrupt tyrants when given a little bit of power and money.

“They shut down the schools for a year and the moment our children go back every school magically is teaching anti-White CRT. Must be a total coincidence” – Andrew Torba (Gab)


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Gerald S Ladd

One gal yelled out this is America. Well, not when you’re in front of a communist run school boards.

Steven Stein

isn’t it the truth, I agree 100% with you.


Sue the life out of them for unlawful arrest and charges. The parents have Freedom of Speech; their First Amendment rights were violated. Then, a number of you work together to run for School Board replacing the idiots on it. Good luck!!!

Briben biden

Vote for school vouchers.

Briben biden

folks do you get the picture? the schools are out of control. time to change things.

It is time to force school vouchers onto your ballots and then vote in 100% school vouchers.

do that and the schools will listen to you again.


Why are communist allowed to run that
school the cop’s should be arresting them
not the parents, the parents should be
given a medal..


Schools are now commies schools in the USA . What the hell is wrong with the delusional democrats and their pet slaves . Are they really this stupid now ??? What the hell are they thinking ??? Hope they all like their new jobs , cause after the 2022 elections they will need them new jobs . They can thank themself’s for this stupid BS .

Steven Stein

all these progressive school boards want to teach socialism and not what the parents want their kids to learn. What happened to the 3 RRR’s? School is not for political gain. School is so our kids can get and education. It is time for the parents to take back our schools and to vote out all school board members who are progressive and don’t want to teach our kids the real facts of life and past history. Our kids need to know and learn what America is about and where it came from and got started to become the country it is today; no the country the progressives want it to be. Vote them off the school boards, they are ruining our kids education and chance to learn the real truth about America.

Ronald Myles

The Marxist are going to lose big time because they think that they are in control. Well, as a senior, a veteran and a 46-year member of the “real” Democratic party, I am here to inform these communists that they do not own my party and are anti-American.