Must See: CNN Host Turns on Kamala Harris…

Must See: CNN Host Turns on Kamala Harris...
Image from video below...

The Next News Network -The Political Insider reports CNN host Abby Phillip turned on Kamala Harris, admitting that her performance on her first foreign trip was “cringeworthy.” “It’s just a little cringeworthy, and I know that her allies in the White House and elsewhere are watching it and just kind of wondering what is going on?” said Phillip.

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Kamala Harris only protecting her political career, not the American people!

The Unavision reporter’s facial expression is so telling. She doesn’t move a muscle, it’s all in her eyes.

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She better watch her back putting down either Pedo Joe or the Ho on CNN can get you canned and canned pronto. She spoke the TRUTH and that will get her booted from the Democrapic Party all together. Miss Phillip is an Attractive lady so she could not have been a Democrap that long she still has time before the FUGLY eats her from the inside out. Don’t believe that happens look at Nutsy, Hitlery,MAD MORON MAXINE, or one nearer Miss Phillip’s age AOC. The FUGLY ESS inside them has destroyed them.

Mark Spencer

That look she gave when she said, “I’m not finished” looks like a wolf about ready to attack. Stupid people! She couldn’t get a decent showing in her own attempt at the presidency, yet they voted Biden, with her riding his coattails. It was a political marriage from hell and it should’ve been obious that the destruction of this great nation was going to be the result.


No more fooling around with this woman. She cannot handle this role and must face trial for attrocities against humanity as they did with the Nazi’s she needs to face either long term imprisonment or be made and example with Capital Punishment along with Biden for allowing this to happen along with the rest of the democratic party who allowed this and other attrocities to go on. They wanted to win, they cheated and have proven over and over and over the are BEYOND incompetant!