Must See: Charlie Kirk’s Critical Message for Biden Voters…


On Saturday, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk joined Benny Johnson on Newsmax TV’s The Benny Report. During his appearance, Kirk gave a message to all Biden voters, and it is for sure one that no one should miss.

“The Biden administration is swooping in to take our liberties—to take our rights. Our rights come from God, and our rights do not come from the government. But the Bush administration doesn’t understand that,” Johnson began. “We did our open on how Joe Biden said that our rights were not absolute in his gun-grabbing declaration from the White House last week. Charlie, are our rights absolute or not?”

“Of course they are,” Kirk responded. “You have a right to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness. This is best articulated in the opening argument for America, which was our birth certificate—which could have been our death certificate—the Declaration of Independence.”

Describing the question as “very wise,” Kirk quoted a question asked in Newsmax TV’s open: “Is this what Biden voters voted for?”


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“No,” he said. “There might be a base to the Democrat Party that cares a lot about collectivism and safety-ism, but that’s not what got Biden where he is today… Joe Biden presented himself as a magnanimous moderate, as kind of a vanilla unifier.”

“He’s been anything but that, and it’s a violation of any mandate that he might have,” he continued. “I don’t think he has the mandate to govern. I think the only thing that he possibly had, if anything, was that he was not Donald Trump.”

“He promised to bring unity. And instead, let’s think about what he’s done,” he added. “He’s called half of this country a threat to the rest of us. He wants to take away weapons. He’s mobilizing corporate America for economic warfare in our country and a sovereign state.”

“Has Joe Biden been tougher on Iran or the state of Georgia?” he asked before explaining that Biden has “put more economic sanctions on Georgia than the mullahs in Iran.”

“Our God-granted rights are, of course, under attack. That’s always been their goal, their aim, and their objective. It’s up to us to articulate what rights are, where they come from, so that government doesn’t take them away,” he concluded.

“What is the president saying when he says that we can’t count on our rights to be absolute here?” Johnson asked. “It seems like perhaps the most dangerous thing a president’s ever said.”

Claiming that he was “trying to give the benefit of the doubt to Joe Biden,” Kirk explained that there are “limitations” on our rights, which was what Biden meant by saying that the amendments are not “absolute.”

He went on, saying, “Our rights are not given to us by these amendments; they’re given to us by the creator.” “So what do those amendments actually do?” he asked. “Those amendments are stop signs for our leaders to take our naturally granted rights. It’s a huge difference.”

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charles wilkins

WHO voted for Joe from China? Communist China has taken over our elections and set up a puppet Federal government designed to bankrupt our country. Several overseas locations altered our election process and has been manipulated by locations in numerous foreign countries all designed to steal the American election results. Our State voting laws had been broken in several key States knowing the voting laws were deliberately broke laws to assist in this process. This could have been stopped but the key players within our government for money and power were also players in this game of cyber attacks. The Biden’s have been well paid pawns of the Chinese Communist Party, two hundred million plus, ask Hunter, this virus was designed to set the beginning of plans to disrupt our election process. Those political powers who were involved are traitors to our Union, remember our oath taken to protect our country against all enemies both foreign and domestic,

William Simpson



I may be slow, but where does the Bush Administration fit into this story?


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Sig Hiel