Must See: Border Bandit Robs Migrants at Gunpoint…

Must See: Border Bandit Robs Migrants at Gunpoint...
Image from video below...

Breitbart News – Yuma Sector Border Patrol officials released surveillance video showing a border bandit robbing migrants as they attempt to enter illegally into the United States. According to the Border Patrol, the recently released video captured a June incident that captured a group of migrants entering the United States illegally and their encounter with an armed bandit lying in wait.

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This is what happens when lawlessness take over

So now illegals are getting robbed coming in the border? Umm how am I supposed to feel about this?😂 Idk.

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what I just saw it is incredible, people are coming in illegal, and the black people are robbing them, isnt that beautiful, always black people doing what black people do, steal, holdup, burn stores, kill, protest, BLM, they figured out that without border patrol they will holdup people and rob them from whatever they have, I am sure that the Biden Administration will come to help them and repay what they were rob, anyhow, if it isnt black enough you are not with me, right???..


Biden loves the murderous black people.

Is it a hate crime when a black person kills a illegal alien?


Hidenbiden, and his entire administration need to be deported, for creating a lawless land, with the invasion of America.


You can bet the left will want to add police to the border – not to stop illegals – to stop robbery of illegals. Yeh, it is racist to rob those entering illegally because most of those being robbed are hispanic. Can’t have crime against poc


What do you expect when these people think they are entitled now the illegals know first hand the meaning of entitlement.


They are not migrants. They are illegal aliens

I do not care at all if they get shot, raped, beaten to death, eaten or get so sick the puke and shit themselves to death.