Must See: Body Language Expert Examines Simone Biles…

Must See: Body Language Expert Examines Simone Biles...
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Newsmax TV – Gregory Hartley reveals a deeper truth into the body language of Olympian Simone Biles and more

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Being a new member of The Woke is one of the reason’s she Quit competing in the USA Olympic Games.

It won’t be long now until every participant is given a gold medal just because they are so courageous for participating.

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Ms. Biles is/was an extraordinarily talented gymnast – a leading contender for the gold in these games. She has always been a tough, courageous contender until… her sudden decision to withdraw, after turning in a couple disappointing performances. What seemed obvious at the time was that she was under immense pressure to jump on the “woke bandwagon” and to denounce the USA – especially if she was occupying the gold medal platform. This is a young woman who was fortunate to live in a country which gave her the chance to rise above the adversity of her youth and I don’t think, in her heart, that she was ready to stand up and spit in its face, yet she was under tremendous pressure to do so – and it is that conflict which was the source of the “emotional issues” which ultimately caused her to step away from the games. I think she subconsciously, sabotaged her own performance, precisely because she did not want to be put in that situation. IF there was courage in what she did, it wasn’t the courage of quitting (leave it to the Left to laud failure, since it feeds their own egos) but the courage of refusing to play the part that the Left wanted her to play. She’s young. She may not have had the strength to stand up to the immense pressure that was being put on her but she was at least strong enough to engineer an escape from the conundrum which had been forced upon her. Taylor Swift should be ashamed of herself. Her praise of Ms. Biles is hollow, a projection of her sentiments and not a reflection of Simone’s. She could hardly have been more insulting if she’d patted her on the head and said “good dog”.