Must See: Blinken SHUTS UP when CONFRONTED on Biden’s Leaked Phone Call

Must See: Blinken SHUTS UP when CONFRONTED on Biden’s Leaked Phone Call
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The Next News Network – Nick Monroe from The Post Millennial reports, On Monday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken brought himself before a House committee this afternoon to answer questions over last month’s pullout of Afghanistan.

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All of a sudden Democrats don’t like leaked information. Why are they such scumbags and when will this hell end?

Sounds like Biden needs his favorite icecream, you know , Impeach.

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they didn’t have any trouble running with leaked information from an anonymous source stating that Donald Trump was disrespectful to the military. These people make me sick and they need to get gone, permanently, not just fired or impeached, if you get what i’m saying

Richard Love

Aren’t these Democrat the same people who jumped for joy and delighted in the Trump phone call to the Ukrainian president over Biden’s involvement in forcing the firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden’s energy company, a call leaked by FBI plant Eric Ciarramello ( the anonymous whistleblower) ie: the spy they planted to get evidence to impeach Trump. They were trying to find a way to impeach Trump since the moment he was elected in 2016. Ciarromello never testified but his identity was protected ( whoops! That didn’t work) and Schiff used the whistleblower’s words again and again to smear Trump, even going as far as inventing a damning dialogue which he himself wrongly testified to before congress. Suddenly now, we don’t like leaked calls????