Must See: Black Texas SCHOOL SHOOTER Bonds Out of Jail!

Must See: Black Texas SCHOOL SHOOTER Bonds Out of Jail!
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Anthony Brian Logan – The suspect in an Arlington, Texas high school shooting has been captured and subsequently released from jail on a $75,000 bond. The shooting happened at Timberview High School.

Top Comments:

There isn’t a single news outlet that mentions he’s black.

Why does Kyle Rittenhouse get arrested for defending himself but this horrible being gets bailed out for shooting a school?

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John Skelton

He should have never been granted bail. If he had been white, him, his family, would have been targeted. He would be sitting in jail until his trial.


If this guy gets off, we need to get Dereck Chauvin out! If anyone should be in jail it is this very bad apple. His family needs to be put in jail with him!

sally died OF VAXX

Black Privilege again!

If he were white he would already be on death row.

Make up fake hate crimes and you get to go free. Beat an old white guy to death with a brick and you get to go free. beat to death an old Asian women and its no big deal. Burn loot assault the police just mostly peaceful protests. As long as your black.

Failing in school because you will not work? well we will change the rules for you as long as your black. Not qualified for any job? well we will give you one anyway and put you in a management training program. as long as your black.

Whats it like to be black in america? I don’t know what is it like to not be held responsible for anything.


I am white, and it is starting to suck!

John Moore

Hes a poor criminal black kid and its the guns fault!


You can see how he was raised! Black privileged

John J

America is going down the tubes, FAST—-

dawg hersey

another statue