Must See: Biden’s Reaction to Afghans Falling from Planes…

Must See: Biden's Reaction to Afghans Falling from Planes...
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The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Joe Biden gave an interview to Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos and opened up about his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan without a real plan in place to maintain stability while safely evacuating Americans.

Top Comments:

Biden has no control of his bowels let alone control of the airport.

this is the worst president and administration in the history of the United states p.s. now would be a good time to secure our border.

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There’s no doubt Gem Marl Smelly needs to resign and Biden needs to be hanged!!!

Steve C

When the Democrats are in control, innocent people die. Ask Hillary and Obama Bin Laden. This is their common denominator.

Rap Scallion

This nightmare will eventually end, and when it does, it will be badly, for those who tried to turn the Americans into Communist slaves. Those people who are a part of this overthrown of the Constitution will pay with their lives and fortunes. They risked all for the power over the American people, and when the tide finally turns and they are fleeing like rats from the sinking Communist world plague, they will have a reckoning coming!

John J

25 Amendment——————Demand it be invoked