Must See: Biden’s Handlers Stroll Him by the Press for a Photo Op…

Must See: Biden's Handlers Stroll Him by the Press for a Photo Op...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Biden’s handlers stroll him by the press for photo op then push them away when they don’t need them.

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Trump didn’t run from the press. Many times when they didnt want him to go to the press he did anyway. He was the boss.

He walks like someone who has dementia. It’s called a gait test. He’s fail it.

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This senile,frail,sockpuppet,old,fool, is the headclown, in his own circus. I mean come on man,u know the thing, I’m out of touch with reality, I know,so what. U got to go,joe.


If the idiocy Biden spews is from handlers and speech writers, they probably went to liberal K – 16 and are barely literate.. He’s the messenger. They’re responsible (not for his observable physical challenges) for lack of substance. All following in the footsteps of Circle Back Psaki. However Jill is totally responsible for letting this severely compromised man being in this spot. She needs to be charged with elder abuse.

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