Must See: Biden Tells a Bus Driver All About Busses…

Must See: Biden Tells a Bus Driver All About Busses...
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The News Junkie’s Archives – Must See: Biden Tells a Bus Driver All About Busses…

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“Back when I was a bus driver, I wouldn’t allow people like Karmella to ride”. Joe Biden

The bus driver looks uncomfortable as she realizes Biden is clearly suffering from cognitive impairment.

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Biden is like a 4 year old rattling on about something the really do not know anything about.

by the way Biden when you were a bus driver, which you never were, would have been 55 years ago and we had all the same equal rights laws and the affirmative action laws and you would have been fired if you did not let a minority on your bus.

So the demented president was lying to the bus driver.

that is the problem with democrats they think the social issue of 100 years ago apply today. they do not. in fact continuing to “fix” 100 to 120 year old social issues is over correcting and causing new social issues. .

Delores Newman

So the GOP is going to give us 3 1/2 more years of this illegal government. Are you cowards to use the truth to escort them out or are you part of this illegal government.


I listened to the whole video and did not hear “I wouldn’t allow people like Karmella to ride”?! What is going on??

Paul M.

You are probably not far off. Joe has a record of as many BUSSES (kisses) as Buses,(modes of transportation.)


Does Biden understand that the 1st Law of Thermodynamic means that electric vehicles create twice as much pollution per mile as a gas or diesel vehicle.


What a joke!