Must See: Biden Loses It in the Middle of a Zoom Call…

Must See: Biden Loses It in the Middle of a Zoom Call...
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The Next News Network – Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Joe Biden on Wednesday met ‘virtually’ with governors and mayors at the White House to discuss his administration’s infrastructure plans. As usual, Biden’s virtual meeting was awkward and full of gaffes.

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Such a lost puppy, following the nicest Secret Service agent he comes across, just chasing after Billy.

And this is What’s leading this country into a depth of big problems!

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Michael Waters

The problem is HOW Biden walks, not where he walks. Biden walks like a 99 year old. THAT’S the problem. He’s not a well man, and his election has sickened America.

Shut Yer Pieholes

Biden’s cognitive decline is NOT the problem for actual Patriots. It’s what he DOES not SAYS that matters. Democrats were focused singularly on what Trump SAID and ignored all he actually DID, which made the lives of citizens of this country better.

It ticks me off this website has “Patriot” in its name. You talk like DEMOCRATS to me and I am convinced it’s actually Democrats behind this site. Conservatives/Patriots don’t think this way. Not one single example of “cognitive decline” is evidenced in that video and what does it matter anyway?